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  • Easy to use, affordable automatic blood machines are widely available for self-measurement of blood pressure at home

  • Home readings give similar results to 24 hour ambulatory readings, which are superior to office readings.(3)

  • Day to day monitoring reveals ups and downs in blood pressure, and may help identify possible causes for that variation

  • Home readings help you and your doctor tell if your medicine is working

Blood pressure readings taken at home are your truest, and

should be used when making decisions about treatment. (2).

(3) Pickering TG, Miller NH, Ogedegbe G, Krakoff LR, Artinian NT, Goff D, American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association.

"Call to action on use and reimbursement for home blood pressure monitoring: executive summary: a joint scientific statement from the American Heart Association, American Society Of Hypertension, and Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association."  Hypertension. 2008;52(1):1. Epub 2008 May 22. 

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